Sustainability through Collaboration

The Re-NewBox™ patented design and close loop concept allows brand manufacturers,  e-commerce, e-tailers, retailers and subscription services to reduce their carbon footprints, reduce corrugate usage, increase their shipping efficiencies and enhance their customer touch points.

Overall, it improves the consumer experience.  The result: fewer trees cut down, a reduced impact on our landfills, and cleaner air for us all.

The Re-NewBox™ Difference

Save Time and Improve Productivity

Click-lock™ Technology. No tape or glue required.  Returns to flat for minimal storage and reuse.

Less is More

Reduce freight / delivery cost.Less warehouse space needed. 7 to 1 . Free up valuable rack space for your inventory, today!

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Reduce Waste for a Healthy Environment

Not just eco-friendly Eco-ACTual™! Re-Use™, Re-Turn™, and Re-Cycle™

Reduce Costs

Fewer raw materials required to manufacture. No glue or tape required for assembly. Lighter than the corrugated box.Less freight, weight and storage.

Increase Throughput

Reduce labor costs. Employees are able to achieve  faster cycle times when using ReNewBox and our patented machinery to assemble the box.

Improved Experience

Improve the unboxing experience.
ReNewBox arrives clean, dry, reusable, returnable and recyclable. We eliminate the hassle of shipping box disposal.

Grow your brand
with Re-NewBox™

We offer great eco-friendly packaging options for businesses of all sizes. Our patented Click-lock™ technology boxes allow you to pack and ship faster. No tape, no glue.
The Re-NewBox™
plain brown boxes

Our standard box with Click-lock™ technology. Goes from flat to folded in seconds with no tape or glue. Save time on processing and warehouse storage space.

Custom Branded Boxes
branded boxes

Great for brand manufacturers, e-commerce, retailers and subscription services. These boxes can promote your brand and excite your customers while eliminating packaging from becoming landfill waste.

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Re-NewBox™ does not require glue or tape to assemble. It's everything in one: shipping box, interior packing box and fancy, rigid gift box. Available plain, printed or laminated, our patented design is shippable using a biodegradable packing bag or envelope (no need for corrugated box). Re-NewBox™ will arrive dry and clean every time. Best of all, it stores flat and is completely reusable, returnable and recyclable.

What Consumers Are Saying

Love it! - HONEYBEA
"You saved me QVC. I HATE wrapping any kind of gift, but especially Christmas gifts because there are so many gifts. I would have been happy to just receive the pre-wrapped boxes, but I'm also getting tissue paper, tags and bows. Thank you, thank you, thank you.!!!!! I can't wait to get it home."
So Happy - tresia33
"I've gotten these before but haven't had these for awhile. So happy I was able to find them again. I am 65 with back problems but my family expects wrapped presents. No problem this year!"
Love ReadyWrap - Olivierarraou
"ReadyWrap is the best product on QVC. It saves me hours of wrapping. That invention is genius and so helpful !!! Love it."