Our Mission

Doing our part to improve the environment by reducing the corrugated box waste filling our trash cans and landfills - one box at a time.
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FACT: It takes one tree to make 156.6 boxes. What's your impact? E-commerce is growing resulting in increased box demand and the cutting down more trees. Are you an Eco-ACTual™ company?

Is It time to

Build Your Brand and Customer Relationships

Customizable to your specific branding needs and offering a concierge-style service to enhance the customer unboxing and unfolding experience.

Increase Your Revenue

Offering packaging options adds value to each order, so you earn extra every time a customer chooses a gift box.

Save Your Resources

Our Eco-ACTual boxes reduce packaging costs, as they can be produced using less paper and resources. They assemble in under 30 seconds to serve more customers in less time. Unfold to store flat, save space and best part there reusable!

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