Our Mission

Doing our part to improve the environment by reducing the corrugated box waste filling our trash cans and landfills - one box at a time.
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Our Why

Demand for sustainable packaging continues to grow. As it does, the importance of responsible sourcing and the quality of post-consumer recycled (PCR) content will grow along with it. Re-NewBox™ is committed to playing a role in offering sustainable Product, secondary, shipping and Brand packaging.

Our focus responsible sourcing to protect natural resources and increasing Re-Useable™, Re-Turnable™, and, Re-Cycleable™ boxes to insure the increase of Post-Consumer Recycling content to keep paper waste out of the landfill.

Our Purpose

Re-NewBox™ has designed a new box to conform to our Frustration-Free Packaging program. (F-FP) is one of our ways of cutting down on waste, helping the environment, and reducing what some call “wrap rage”. Which comes from the difficulty people occasionally have opening traditional packages with plastic clamshells and tape. And it’s great for the environment because products are designed and certified to ship in their original packaging, eliminating the need for an additional shipping box.

Our Click-Lock™ design is first of a suite of sustainable packaging initiatives focused on our goal, eliminated several hundreds of thousands of tons of packaging waste and over 1 billion boxes by designing easy-to-open, re-usable, recyclable packaging while allow products ability to (SIOC) ship in their own packages without additional shipping boxes. Reducing the time and frustration, with the goal for consumers to take less than two minutes to open.

About Us

We’re a customer first manufacturer with a company-wide commitment to being responsive to customers and providing accurate information. We’re able to deliver superior service from leadership to the production floor. Each team member is thoroughly vested in understanding and supporting your products, processes and requirements.

We’re known for:
Production quality
On-time delivery
Employee excellence

What our customers have to say

Commercial Printer
“We want to thank Re-NewBox for your superior service when we found ourselves in an emergency situation yesterday evening. Our inventory was off on a tray we needed for a customer launch. As such, we found ourselves in a situation where we would have potentially delayed our delivery date to the customer. These types of delays are NEVER forgotten in this industry, and often lead to loss of customer confidence, and ultimately lost business. We were impressed that you called in a crew yesterday evening, and had trays on our doorstep first thing this morning. We absolutely want to keep these fire drills to a minimum, but you all said you would do whatever it takes, and over the past 24 hours, you really did. Please thank your employees. I am sure they understand that when a customer has choices on where to place orders, it is performance like this that significantly influence these decisions.”
Retail Product Manufacturer
“We appreciate your efforts in quickly getting us proto-type models of the new style boxes. We wanted to use for our new product launch. Due to your quick response and competitive pricing, I can assure you that upon release, Re-NewBox will be getting the order. Thanks again.”
Brand Manufacturer
“Thanks again for helping us out of a jam by die cutting your new designed Box. The box worked very well in our production lines saving time and weight on shipping over our standard “old corrugated packer box”. Our Customer was very pleased to see the elimination of the “over use” of corrugated box in another box. It really helps to know that Re-NewBox is a forward thinking, willing reliable Partner. Thank you to your crew!"

Sustainability through Collaboration

The Re-NewBox™ patented design and close loop concept allows brand manufacturers,  e-commerce, e-tailers, retailers and subscription services to reduce and off-set their carbon footprints, receive carbon credits, reduce corrugate usage, increase their shipping efficiencies and enhance their customer touch points.

Overall, it improves the consumer experience.  The result: fewer trees cut down, a reduced impact on our landfills, and cleaner air for us all.
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